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Our scopes
Greeni group operates through 2 trade offices in Ukraine located in Kiev and in Odessa. Our main origination activity is focuses on South, Central, West and East of Ukraine. Our company build own logistic operation including rail, truck and river in direction of deep and shallow ports of Ukraine.
Grain origination
Greeni also acting as importer of potash-magnesium fertilizers into Ukraine as a part of own distribution and origination business.
International trade
Asset management
Our export operations being performed in Odessa, Chernomorsk and Nikolaev Sea ports. Also we use river loading and roads of port Kherson for our coaster vessels. We work on main grains and oilseeds which are produced in Ukraine. Also we work with different niche and food products that are being exported in containers.
As a part of group strategy Greeni is investing into agricultural assets as a part of full vertical integration in terms of own farming, logistic and export business. Currently, company operates 30 000 hectares in management with the intention further enlargement in terms of farm land and loading and storage facilities. Company also focuses in terms of investment strategy on river loading assets as a part of own export logistic to the final destinations.
Company strategy based on 4 main pillars of success
Sustainable agricultural production at a low cost by attracting investment in technology.
Reach of the agricultural land bank
in 50 000 hectares.
Increasing crop production efficiency, using advanced technologies, organic approach, and land management.
Logistics chain
Own elevator chain and decentralized logistic system allow it to make great efficiency of transportation.
Using our own mill and oil factories we produce cost-effective raw materials for export and internal trading.
We use for our farming advanced technologies allow us to improve product quality and take care of nature.
For co-investors and partners
We are the fast-growing and developing agricultural private company, and we are always looking for new partnerships in trading business and new joint projects in Ukraine and GCC.
For cooperation please contact +971 50 933 1724

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Greeni Group is a company with HQ and international trading department in UAE, operational team, farming and trading company in Ukraine.
ADGM Square, Mariah island
Al Maqam Tower, 34th & 35th floor, P.O. Box 35665
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Parus Business Center
2 Mechnikova str.
Kiev, Ukraine

Phone: +971 509331724, Elena
WhatsApp: +380 (50) 353 37 94, Vladislav
E-mail: [email protected]
We offer CPT commodities at a reasonable price for major Ukrainian buyers.
For trade inquiry please fill the form or contact us on a phone +380 (50) 353 37 94, Vladislav
We offer commodities and food products for GCC and African countries. Please feel free to send our trade inquiry on a link below or contact us on a phone +971509331724, Elena.
For suppliers and farmers
Our company is always looking for sustainable partnerships with suppliers and producers of agricultural goods in Ukraine. Please feel our enquiry form for suppliers to start our conversation!
Conditions we are working on:
  • direct purchases
  • forward purchases
  • Joint projects and partnership development
  • Distribution to GCC & African countries