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Greeni Group is Ukranian supplier of the Food Commodities for Africa and the Middle East. The company's strategy is focused on investing in its own land assets, its own production, and logistics. We strive to improve the conditions for the balanced development of our business areas and activities, including technological investments, innovative projects, assets, and strategic acquisitions.
Based on the existing essential Agri experience in grains and oilseeds export our company creates strong supply chains from Ukraine reaching final customers in Middle East and Asia. We are interested in development and expanding of different complex grain, oilseeds and food programs of export supplies from Ukraine, using existing infrastructure (export facilities, storage, inner and export logistic). Our expertise is called to create best export proposals for our customers in terms of price and quality of products as a result of beneficial commercial terms of own grain and oilseeds origination and further usage of own best competitive logistic reaching our final customers.
Greeni-group aims to create tight connections between final customers and Ukrainian origin in terms of direct supply of grains, oilseeds and food products, establishing long term export supply programs. Our portfolio consists of numerous Ukrainian farmers with the total production of 20 million tons of grains and oilseeds ready to be exported immediately to any of our customer destinations.
Business structure
Core values
Our company is mainly focused to open new markets for the Ukrainian products and to develop own business connections with our partners worldwide. We are open for any cooperation including niche crops, any food products that are produced in Ukraine and could be exported worldwide.
Our company using a multifunctional approach combining trading operation and assets management and acquisition. Our strategy is to maximize own presence on the Ukrainian market not only with the origination and further export operations, however also through the enquiry of loading and storage facilities, farming, transport. Our company is expanding own origination possibilities in Ukraine through financing, fertilizers supply directly to the farmers.
Greeni group is consistent in transparent and responsible business not only in terms of bilateral obligations with own counterparts, as well all the offered products comply with the high quality and international environmental standards.
Knowledge and Leadership
Our company combines essential agricultural and investment background aiming to create grain and oilseeds trading business in order to comply with the rising food demand. We are open to direct ourselves to the new export markets and looking for the distributions in middle East countries building a strong partnership in terms of grain and oilseeds supply chains. Through creating of efficient supply chains which starts from Ukraine in terms of farming and grain and oilseeds origination, supported by the efficient export logistic solutions potentially we are targeting destination markets and are ready to support local grain and oilseeds or food distribution programs
Responsibility and trustworthiness